Best Safety Glasses For Construction – Our Choices For 2017

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Precautions during a building process require one to have the best safety glasses for construction while on duty.  With everything that is going on during a day on the job, these prevent one from eye injuries and they also help in maintaining a good vision.

The problem sometimes lies into figuring out which pair to buy because there are many to choose from.  Take a look at this and grab a pair (and even a second pair to keep in your tool belt)

protecting your vision

Choosing The Top Protective Eyewear For Your Needs

The market is awash with several types of best safety glasses. However, it does not necessarily mean that they are effective and right for you!  It is always ultimate to do a bit of homework to help you make the right choice because there are several aspects to consider.

Workers experience eye injuries on the job for two major reasons:

  1. They were not wearing eye protection.

  2. They were wearing the wrong kind of protection for the job.  Read more at

ImageNameDimensionsWeightUV Protection?
AMSTON (3-pack), ANSI Z87+ Standards9.6L*9.3W*1.8H113.4gNo
NoCry with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap6.42L*2.48W*1.42H18.14gYes
Pyramex Fortress6L*2W*2H22.68gYes
Carhartt Carbondale7.1L*2.9W*2H22.8gYes
LIFT Bold6.7L*2.7W*2.5H68.04gYes

Do You Wear Prescription Eyeglasses?

If you wear them in your day to day life and need them to see, you’ll also want a specific protective option as well.  The ones that you wear every day aren’t going to stop flying metal or wood coming at your face!  Adding some protection and being able to see at the same time is always a good thing.

Standards of The Premier Safety Eyewear

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration adopted the standards from the American National Standards Institute. It means that all should conform to the ANSI standards. There are several elements that constitute the ANSI standards including:

  • impact test
  • quality of prescribed and non-prescribed lenses
  • thickness of approved prescription lenses
  • and other elements

The Ultimate Glasses Lens Ratings Assessment

In order for people to choose the most suitable spectacles, they should have information on how to assess the these ratings. A plus mark (+) on them usually indicate that they have passed a high impact test. If they come from the same manufacturer, then their thickness does not matter as long as they have the plus mark. However, they should have the same coating and material.

Other lenses bear a V or S mark. The V denotes photochromic lenses while the S indicates special tinting. On shaded lenses, there is a number that indicates the amount of light that the lens transmits.

Eyeglasses that apply in metalwork have different tint densities. The tasks involved include blazing, soldering and cutting with a miter saw or other type of saws. One should use products with a density of 1.5 to 3 when carrying out torch soldering. For electric arc welding, one should use lenses with a density of 10 to 14.

The mark on the high impact eyewear is usually permanent. If they do not meet a high impact standard, they will bear a removable warning label. Additionally, only a user can remove the label.

Supreme Eyeglasses Frame Assessment

Not only does one assess the quality of the glass, but also quality of their frames. If one notes a Z87 or Z87+ mark on the frame, it means that they are non-prescription basic impact and high impact respectively. The two marks also mean that they have non-removable lenses.

Prescription versions bears a 287-2 mark. This is a permanent mark that appears on the front part of the frame. It also appears on both temples.

What Will You Be Needing These Foremost Goggles For?

One should always go for the foremost high impact protection eye wear for all work activities. This choice guarantees piece of mind at all times. Some of the people who require them include carpenters, machinists, laborers, pipe-fitters and plumbers. Notably, some activities call for side shields, full-face shield or goggles, but OSHA standards usually give guidelines on the activities. Workers who use power trimmers should choose options with side shields.

Non-prescription options are ideal for activities such as sporting, hardware tasks, handling building supplies, and working in a goods store. Manufacturers of these use a lightweight Poly-carbonate material that is comfortable to wear. They also feature an attractive design for their frames. Nevertheless, they still bear the mark Z87+ since they are high impact.

Workers with poor eyesight can opt to have them with a reading segment that is bifocal. They come in handy when people have to do some reading in their course of duty. They are also useful on people with presbyopia.

Where To Get Leading Prescription Eyeglasses

It is not ordinary for one to buy these over the counter because you need to visit an optician, or an optical store. However, you should settle for a “+” and Z87-2 marks that denote a high impact standard.

Unbeaten Choice of Spectacles Lens Material

As a common factor, many are made of Poly-carbonate. This material is lighter than glass, but it is vulnerable to scratches. It is also lighter than glass. In order to increase the resistant of the material to scratches, manufacturers use a special coating. Poly-carbonate has more resistance to an impact than glass.

Leading Anti-Reflective Coating

For workers who work in environment with distraction lenses, the use of anti-reflective coating enhances the vision. In order to alleviate any compromise on quality, there is a need to perform an impact test after the application of the AR coating. The testing can take place in an optical lab.

Our Superlative Choices:

AMSTON (3-pack), ANSI Z87+ Standards

These come in a pack of three pieces and they have a thin film that a user peels off before using them. They are ideal to shield from any impact or flying debris. Whether one is paint rolling or hammering, they will come in handy.

Other features:

  • Meet the OSHA requirements.
  • Weigh 113.4 grams
  • Measures 9.6L*9.3W*1.8H inches
  • Applicable in both indoor and outdoor activities.

NoCry with Clear Anti Fog Scratch Resistant Wrap

This set of defines comfort when one is working. They are made from resistant polycarbonate, and they have a high impact standard. They help with dust, flying debris and spills, among other impurities. The wrap-around feature keeps direct or sideways impurities. Importantly, they come with an EN166 certification.

The double-coated lenses keep them from fogging. It means that there is no distraction on visibility at all times. One can also move the side and nose pieces for enhanced comfort and fitting. The soft-covered tips offer more comfort and a user can wear them for hours. The NoCry guarantee is value for money to anyone who needs to take them back to the vendor.

Beside the non-fogging characteristic, these are:

  • Scratch and glare resistant.
  • Clear with no tint.
  • Offer UV radiation since they offer UVB and UVA.
  • Weigh 18.14 grams.
  • Measure 6.42L*2.48W*1.42H inches.

Pyramex Fortress

These come in handy when one needs to protection when being involved in sports. They usually form a contour to the face, and ensure maximum protection. The vented lens prevents fogging while an adjustable nose pad adds comfort.
Importantly, they are:

  • scratch resistant.
  • Keep the eyes from harmful UV radiation.
  • Measure 6L*2W*2H inches.
  • Weigh 22.68 grams.

Carhartt Carbondale

This supreme set of features industrial clear lenses. They keep a user from general impacts. The eyewear also enhance vision through protecting from UV and excessive glare. The polycarbonate lenses are resistant to scratching.

The dual-injected temples are flexible, and the clean lines make them ideal for tough jobs. The two-tone frame has an adjustable nose piece. Importantly, they:

  • meet the Z87.1 standard of ANSI.
  • Can stand a high impact
  • Measure 7.1L*2.9W*2H
  • Weigh 22.8 grams.


For the lovers of stylish and high quality products, these are the premier choice. They are a large fit and have wide coverage. These features offer a premium performance and stylish look.

The frame is T-90, and they have soft rubber temples. The nose bridge is also rubber made. The two attributes make them comfortable to work in at all times.

Other features:

  • The lenses are poly-carbonate and optically correct. It means that the vision of a user never suffers any compromise.
  • Offer a protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation.
  • Measure 6.7L*2.7W*2.5H
  • Weigh 68.04 grams.


When people set out to shop for the best safety glasses for construction, the given information will help them to make a wise choice. There is no need to get an injury, whereas there are several eye-wear solutions in the market. It is time to take care of the eyes while working.