Best Countertop Paint Kit 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

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I am in the process of doing a bunch of different DIY renovations instead of hiring someone to do my renovations so I have been looking at a lot of different products. I have to admit that I am a little out of my element but I am learning fast.

One thing that I have been looking at is saving some money and painting my countertops instead of replacing them.

Luckily, I found a number of different countertop paint kits available that seem to bring an amazing result for a relatively low cost.

Right now, I am looking at a bunch of different ones so I thought that I would share my findings here.

Best Countertop Paint Kit 2017 Comparison Table

Coming very soon! Just putting the finishing touches on this and will update here what my favorite counter top painting kits are.

Preparing Your Countertops For Painting

You can achieve an attractive, budget-friendly makeover for your kitchen or bathroom by painting your countertops. Completely revamping the countertops would update the surface and the space itself; however, the cost to do so could be a hindrance to your plans.

Therefore, preparing your countertops for painting and using the method of your choice to change the appearance is a viable option. It essentially provides a middle ground between replacing the surface and keeping the countertops a while longer.

Color Options

The decision to paint your countertops opens you up to a wide range of patterns and colors. However, you would need to make sure the one you choose will coordinate well with the floor, wall color and accessories, without matching them necessarily. There is also the option of changing the wall color and replacing certain accessories for an even more updated look.

Tips and Tricks

For inspiration, look at the latest trends you can achieve with paint. For example, you can use a faux granite finish to mimic the appearance of the real stone. In addition, a gray-blue metallic paint in a shiny, satin finish can be used to pull off a stainless steel look. You could also paint your countertops with a glossy white paint to make the space feel larger.

You also have the option of using stone-textured paints, which allow for a unique option in updating your kitchen and bathroom countertops. There are new products in this category that can be used to transform damaged or worn out laminate countertops.

Best of all, this can be achieved at a fraction of the replacement cost. This type of product is available in a number of different colors and they have been designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

You could choose flat latex paint as an option for making over your countertops. This type of paint is available in an assortment of colors, which range from slate gray to forest green. This level of versatility is an indication that painted countertops will work seamlessly in a number of different bathroom and kitchen styles. This includes rustic, modern, traditional and eco-friendly designs. Additionally, different color combinations can be achieved; for example, you could consider painting your countertops white to complement a red kitchen.

To achieve an authentic, long-lasting look, DIY experts recommend that you paint at least 3 layers of thin coats instead of just one thick coat. You should give each layer up to 24 hours to dry properly. Of course, the application of paint should be done after the surface has been sanded down, the remaining dust has been removed and a coat of primer added.

Another trick to achieving attractive painted countertops is to use a high-quality exterior paint, applied with a roller. After the paint is completely dry, you can then use clear polyurethane to finish the surface.

Allow the finish to dry and then use a moist sanding sponge to sand down the countertop until the surface is smooth. Again, make sure the countertop has dried properly, then reapply the polyurethane and sand it down two more times. Please note that if you are painting your kitchen countertops, you should make sure the paint is food safe.

If you have financial constraints, do not completely give up on your dream of updating your ugly, worn-out countertops. Instead, think about the budget-friendly option of painting the surfaces to dramatically improve the look and feel of the space. Preparing your countertops for painting and using the previously-mentioned tips to get the job done will help you to achieve a fresh look for your kitchen or bathroom.